Fundamentals and Tradition

Seasoned in Fundamentals & Tradition

If you're serious about a career in the culinary arts, your journey begins with a mastery of the fundamental skills and techniques professional chefs have been honing for centuries. They are the foundation of your future as a culinary professional, and whether your qualifications lead you to a career in restaurants, gourmet kitchens, resorts, healthcare and industrial facilities or catering businesses, you will rely on them every day and polish them throughout your career.

At AACA, you will receive hands-on instruction from renowned chefs and instructors in our gleaming new facilities. You'll be challenged to learn and master everything from basic knife skills and the fine art of sauce making to the principles of nutrition and how to match specific wines to complement certain foods. 

There's no getting around the importance of mastering the fundamentals, and at AACA, you'll be taught the skills you'll need to succeed.