Top Reasons to Prep for Your Culinary Career at AACA

American cuisine is at the forefront of a culinary renaissance re-shaping the way the world thinks about and experiences food. Aspiring chefs choose American Academy of Culinary Arts to be on the cutting edge of this gastronomic revolution.

At AACA, our goal is to prepare you with the knowledge, skills and experience to become a Great American Chef. The reasons culinarians like you choose a curriculum like ours are as diverse as the cultural and ethnic melting pot that defines our national heritage. There are a lot of reasons to love what AACA represents, but among the top reasons to enroll at our school are:

  • The opportunity to hone your skills under the direction of internationally acclaimed Chef Norman Peter Hart, a member of the American Culinary Federation and member of the exclusive Honorable Order of the Golden Toque. Chef Hart is the recipient of countless industry awards and achievements.
  • The challenge to become a Great American Chef. At AACA, you will be inspired to explore and develop fresh interpretations of popular international cuisines, experimenting and innovating until you have mastered a revolutionary approach to the culinary arts.
  • An emphasis on mastering fundamental culinary skills. From advanced knife skills to a mastery of basic sauce recipes, professional chefs have been honing essential cooking skills and techniques for centuries. At AACA, they will form the foundation for your future success.
  • The benefit of learning the broader scope of hospitality with courses such as Club and Restaurant Management and Kitchen Design Principles from PTC’s Renowned School of Hospitality.
  • The experience of learning in a brand new, state of the industry professional kitchen environment. AACA's gleaming facilities feature several professional kitchens and a dining lab stocked with the latest in equipment.
  • The benefit of participating in an in-field internship, a cooperative effort between AACA and the professional community surrounding our campus. There's nothing like hands-on experience to prepare you for future career opportunities.
  • The recognition of learning your craft at a culinary academy that maintains memberships in the National Restaurant Association and the American Hotel & Lodging Association.
  • The advantage of a curriculum crafted by an experienced advisory board of culinary, restaurant and hospitality professionals. The advisory board provides valuable insight into the needs of the culinary industry.
  • A focus on developing an appreciation for the history and global influence of classic French, Italian and Spanish cuisines, among others. At AACA, you will study specific terminology, cooking techniques and presentations associated with the world's favorite foods.
  • A well-rounded education that includes required general education courses in such areas as career development and critical thinking to help you prepare for the needs and expectations of today's employers.
  • The academic advantage of an education earned at a respected institution of higher learning. AACA is part of Pittsburgh Technical College, a regionally accredited institution with a rich history of preparing career-motivated students for success in the American workforce.
  • A committed Career Services team dedicated to your success and satisfaction by assisting you with part-time culinary jobs arranged in conjunction with your studies, career search assistance throughout the culinary industry, resume writing, industry referrals and networking opportunities with alumni & culinary professionals across the country.

The AACA curriculum has been meticulously designed to place you at the cutting edge of exciting culinary careers. Get ready to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence of a Great American Chef!