California University of Pennsylvania

California University of Pennsylvania: an Education Alliance Advisory Board Member

Welcome to PTC’s Education Alliance Grant Program. California University of Pennsylvania is a member of PTC ‘s Education Alliance Program and qualifies for a grant of 15% of tuition to attend any of PTC’s degree or certificate programs.

To qualify for the grant, you will talk to an Admissions Advisor who can help you through the easy to complete application process. By identifying yourself as a team member of California University of Pennsylvania or a qualified immediate family member, your Admissions Advisor will then show you how to qualify for the grant. To talk to an Admissions Advisor simply complete the Request Information form on this page or call 1 (800) 784-9675.

Some basic details:
The Education Alliance Grant is available to team members of California University of Pennsylvania and their immediate families. 
Immediate family members include the spouse of the California University of Pennsylvania team member.
Children and stepchildren of California University of Pennsylvania team members under the age of 24 are eligible for the grant.
The grant is not retroactive to existing students of PTC.
The grant can be used for on campus, online and evening programs.
The grant may be used in combination with other grants and scholarships to a maximum of $20,000 for an Associate Degree and $10,000 for a certificate program.
Thank you for your interest in PTC. We look forward to seeing you in class.


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