Financial Aid FAQs

How much will it cost to attend PTC?
Tuition varies by the program you select. You can find details here on our tuition Information page. You may also visit our Net Price Calculator to evaluate payment options.
How will I pay for college?
To pay for college you can use grants, loans and scholarships to pay for all or part of your educational expenses if you are eligible.
PTC's Financial Planners work with students and families to design an individual plan including monthly payment options. Your Admissions Coordinator can schedule a financial aid planning appointment for you.

How soon can I find out about financial aid?
As soon as you decide that PTC is right for you, ask your Admissions Coordinator to schedule a preliminary financial plan. This no-obligation estimate is your first step toward understanding your financial aid eligibility.
I am not sure I qualify for financial aid. Should I apply for financial aid anyway?
Yes. There are many sources of financial aid available. It is important to evaluate all of your options. There are some sources of financial aid such as parent –Direct PLUS loans, and Direct Unsubsidized loans that are available regardless of need. You can also apply, for a need based, Direct Subsidized Loan to help with the cost of college.
Where is the best place to start the financial aid process?
The first step would be to apply for a FSA ID number. The FSA ID number is your personal identification number to electronically sign all federal financial aid forms. It gets you started in the process of applying for Federal Financial Aid. You can do this on the federal website

Next, once your FSA ID is authenticated (48 hours), you can complete the FAFSA form, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This process is completed online at the website

Who at PTC can help me with my financial aid?
PTC is here to help you every step of the way. Your Admissions Coordinator and Financial Planner will explain the financial aid process and assist you in preparing a financial plan. If you have any questions you can call 412-809-5100.
How much federal financial aid can I receive?
Financial aid eligibility depends on your family income, household size, assets, and savings.

When you complete your application, FAFSA will calculate an expected family contribution (EFC), which will determine your financial need. The amount of financial aid you are eligible for is determined by subtracting your expected family contribution from the total cost of attendance from PTC.

An example of this calculation for an academic year is: 
$15,356 Cost of Attendance
-$2,300 Expected Family Contribution
$13,056 Financial Need
How can I calculate what federal financial aid I qualify for?
A resource to estimate your financial aid options is available at the PTC net price calculator tuition calculator.
What financial aid does PTC offer?
PTC offers financial aid for students that qualify. There are also PTC scholarships available. To learn more about these scholarships visit
Do I need to be admitted to PTC before I can apply for financial aid?
No. You can apply for federal financial aid at any time. However, you must be admitted to the college to receive any funds.
Do I need my tax information to apply for financial aid?
Yes. If you are a dependent student you will need to have W2's and federal tax returns for both student and parent when you complete your FAFSA application. Independent students only need to provide their own income information. If you have any questions, please call PTC at 412-809-5100 and we will be happy to help.
How do I determine if I am a dependent or independent student?
To determine your dependency status go to:
Are my parents responsible for my student loans?
What is a PLUS Loan?
Direct PLUS loans are federal loans that parents of dependent undergraduate students can use to help pay education expenses. The U.S. Department of Education offers the Direct PLUS Loan to eligible borrowers. To apply for a Direct PLUS loan go to
Can I get a part-time job to help me pay my educational expenses?
Yes. Many PTC students work while attending school. Our consistent, block class schedules make that easier to do than at other schools. There are plenty of opportunities for employment at and around our North Fayette Campus. PTC's Career Services Department can help in your search for a part-time job that fits your schedule. Ask during your New Student Orientation, during the first week of classes, or whenever the need arises.
Is there financial aid from the State of Pennsylvania?
Yes. Pennsylvania residents can apply for financial aid through PHEAA which includes grants, scholarships, and work-study programs. To learn more visit:

Is there financial aid for out of state students (non-Pennsylvania residents)?
Yes, PTC offers a non-resident grant to all eligible students enrolled in associate degree programs. For all eligibility requirements, please contact your Admissions Coordinator.

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