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CAD Software Benefits for Design Tasks

October 24, 2013 - CAD

Technology has brought about changes in a number of industries, particularly in the field of drafting. Gone are the days of Mike Brady slaving away in his study to design a building using pencils, rulers and drafting paper. Beginning in the 1980's, as offices became more computerized, the concept of computer aided drafting became reality. Considered a technical revolution, it has become the standard for design and construction industries, and offers a number of benefits for those using it in their companies.

CAD Training

Computer aided drafting training can be obtained at most community colleges across the country. Most programs offer either Associate degrees or diplomas, and can be completed in less than two years. Computer aided drafting training prepares students to work in many different industries including architecture, mechanical design, aeronautics and more. 

Quick CAD Design

Compared to hand drafting, computer aided drafting is in a world all its own. With hand drawing, it can take days to make changes to a design. Using CAD, changes can be made in a matter of minutes, and different design ideas can be tested with the software and then changed if needed. With CAD software, designs that used to take weeks to finish can now be completed in hours.

Collaboration on Design

Because so many different industries use CAD software, it allows for collaboration among many different companies who are working on the same project. Architectural firms, electrical design firms and plumbing companies can all see how their components fit in with the designs of the other companies. In doing so, it allows for any potential problems to be discovered and fixed much quicker. With hand drafting, often the problems are not found until the building is already completed, costing everyone time and money in making repairs. 

Project Efficiency

CAD design systems are very efficient. They allow digital images to be easily manipulated and studied, are capable of having multilayered digital files and allow all images to be stored in a centralized database for easy access. Computer aided drafting systems let design firms worldwide work together on projects in real-time, leading to faster completion times for projects. For example, an architecture firm in Los Angeles can work with an interior design firm in New York on a building that's being built in London. The software is also capable of estimating the amount of materials and supplies needed for a job, and to estimate a completion time. 

As more industries continue to discover the benefits of CAD software, the technology used to produce it will only get more sophisticated. As humans prepare to colonize outer space, build advanced spacecraft to get there and find ways to sustain life once there, it is a sure bet that CAD software will play a vital role.

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