Rube Goldberg Would be Proud

January 11, 2016 - Design

2.Quarter PTC CAD Student Project

Rube Goldberg would be smiling this week. Rube was a great American cartoonist who created a series of popular cartoons depicting complicated gadgets that perform simple tasks in unique and convoluted ways. PTC CAD students rose to the Rube Goldberg challenge in a quest to make a unique and innovative gumball machine.

The project was the brainchild of PTC’s Mark Malecki who challenged his CAD students to be not only creative but to apply their design skills to make their machine functional. The result was a collection of fascinating and hilarious devices.

So what do a birdhouse, toilet, and steering wheel have in common? They all distribute gumballs, of course!

The machines were displayed for the students and faculty to see and were judged for design and creativity. The winners were:

CAD Gum Ball Machine Toilet

CAD Gum Ball Machine Steering Wheel

CAD Gum Ball Machine Flash


The competitors are not expecting their inventions to show up in retail stores any time soon, but valuable lessons in planning and design were learned and fun was had by all.

Toilet bowl gumball anyone?

more pictures here



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