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The glamorous world of travel and tourism has an important business side. Skilled management people are needed to manage hotel operations, reservation call centers, airline operations and even restaurants. Pittsburgh Technical College has combined its renowned hospitality expertise with a wealth of management and business fundamentals. The result is this concentration in hospitality and tourism which offers the best of hospitality and business training. The program is available completely online allowing you to balance work, family, and studies and you earn your degree. The program is an immersion in business essentials and hospitality expertise, crafted to prepare you for a successful career in the hospitality industry.

Key Benefits

  • You will build key skills with real-world simulations and cases in many areas of hospitality and management. The simulations mirror real business scenarios that hospitality managers have encountered and provide invaluable management lessons.
  • You will study at your convenience using PTC’s online technology platform.
  • You will develop skills in resort and hotel management.
  • Courses prepare you with valuable knowledge in travel reservations and international and domestic travel.
  • You will also learn key skills in food service management and event planning.
  • The program has been crafted by business advisory board members to insure that the curriculum is current with industry demand. This career-focused program builds on the hands-on expertise PTC is known for.
  • PTC hosts an active collegiate SKAL chapter. SKAL is an international hospitality organization that provides invaluable networking opportunities for students and potential access to scholarships. These events are available to online students who may elect to participate.
  • You may complete your Bachelor’s Degree in as little as three years.

Key Skills

The PTC management program is designed to prepare you with the following skills:    

  • You will master a series of cases and simulations with real-world business practices.
  • Work in an online team environment to make pertinent strategic decisions which impact the hospitality organization’s business strategy.
  • Learn to solve business problems, think critically, and make effective presentations.
  • Develop skills in hospitality and tourism law.
  • Learn the intricate details of global reservation systems.
  • Understand tourism financial management
  • Evaluate a firm’s external environment to include consumer markets, competition, market segments, positioning, product and branding, services, pricing, promotion, and evaluation.
  • Design and complete a business and marketing plan to present to investors.

More information about Hospitality & Tourism Management below

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Courses of Study

Resort Management
This course offers a complete approach to the operation of resort properties. Beginning with historical development, details are presented in planning, development, financial investment management, and marketing that deal with the unique nature of resort business.
Hospitality Facility Management
Food Service Management
Restaurant Revenue Management
Dynamics of Tourism
The primary objectives are to prepare travel and tourism students for a career selling travel and to provide students with a variety of opinions regarding current trends in the tourism industry. Upon completion of this course students should have a basic understanding of the skills needed to be successful as a travel professional.
International Travel
This course focuses on international travel patterns, economic trends, and the growth of tourism worldwide. Topics include geography, attractions, and current trends in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Students explore customs, currency, and international protocol.
Tourism & the Corporate Environment
This course examines current trends in the corporate travel industry. Study includes corporate travel departments, travel agencies, and the business travelers. Emphasis is placed on the steps taken by a corporate travel agency to acquire commercial business and the services that must be provided to the corporate client.
Hospitality Supervision
This course focuses on managing people from the hospitality supervisor's viewpoint. It includes techniques for increasing productivity and controlling labor costs, time management, and managing change. It also stresses effective communication and charts key responsibilities of a supervisor in a lodging or food service operation. Topics include recruiting, selection, orientation, compensation and benefits, motivation, teamwork, coaching, employee training and development, performance standards, discipline, employee assistance programs, health and safety, conflict management, communicating and delegating, and decision making and control. Students refine strategies designed to motivate employees and resolve conflicts with staff, guests, and suppliers.
Global Distribution Systems
This course is a continuation of HMA137 Introduction to Reservation. Students will continue to create and modify passenger name records using OSI and SSR messages. Topics discussed include itinerary pricing using qualifiers and fare quotes/rules.
Tourism Financial Management
Hospitality and Tourism Law
Events and Meeting Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Tourism Operations can prepare you for careers in:

  • Hotels
  • Travel Agencies
  • Airlines
  • Restaurants
  • Event Planning Companies

& many others

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